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Financial Report

APRIL  2019 Financial  Report

Account Name
General Fund Checking   $   40,479.97
Designated Fund Checking   (includes BIA) $   53,866.04
PRESCHOOL  Checking   $   44,410.71
PRESCHOOL MM   $      5,000.73


$ 21,775.50  $ 128,239.64
OPERATING EXPENSE TOTAL* $ 18,658.94     $   92,767.60 ytd
OPERATING BALANCE (+ or -)     $     3,116.56     $    35,471.94 ytd


Deacon’s Fund                                                     $    1,888.95
*Amounts are from QuickBooks reports reconciled to bank statements

A complete copy of the 2019 Operating Budget 

Is available upon request from the Church  Office.

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Stewardship Ministry

In 2 Corinthians 8:12, when talking about giving toward a particular charitable project in his time, Paul wrote through the Holy Spirit, “For if the eagerness is there, it [the gift] is acceptable according to what one has, not according to what he does not have.” That has been a great encouragement to me. We don’t have to give on the basis of some lavish or extraordinary standard, according to what others do or can give. Instead, we can prayerfully discern what God wants us to give while putting faith in Him, and trust that He is pleased with that.

On a slightly related subject, please prayerfully consider Session’s recent appeal for donations towards replacing A/C units. We still could use your financial gifts. Also important are your prayers for the raising of money, the work to be done with it, and the workers. If you feel the Lord leading you to make a financial gift, please put on the envelope or check, “All In/AC”. Thank you for all you do for the Lord!

Thomas Smith IV
Stewardship Ministry Chair    

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2019 Budget Summary

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