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Financial Report

JANUARY 2019     Financial  Report

Account Name
General Fund Checking   $   43,416.38
Designated Fund Checking   (includes BIA) $   45,743.22
PRESCHOOL  Checking   $  26,969.62
PRESCHOOL MM   $    2,492.11


$ 59,669.00 $ 59,669.00 ytd
OPERATING EXPENSE TOTAL* $ 25,087.11 $ 25,087.11 ytd
OPERATING BALANCE (+ or -)     $     34,581.89 $     34,581.89 1 ytd


Deacon’s Fund                                                     $    2,423.81
*Amounts are from QuickBooks reports reconciled to bank statements

A complete copy of the 2019 Operating Budget 

Is available upon request from the Church  Office.

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Stewardship Ministry

We read in 1 Kings 8:56, “May the Lord be praised!...Not one of all the good promises He made through His servant Moses has failed.” In the Old Testament, we see that God kept His promises to Israel. This encourages us that God will also keep His promises to us. After thanking the Philippians for their gift to God and him, Paul wrote, “And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:19) Trusting that God will give us what we really need helps us be good stewards, people who use what He gives us for His glory.

Thomas Smith IV
Stewardship Ministry Chair    

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2019 Budget Summary

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