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Trinidad Mission Trip 2013

Members of Pasadena Presbyterian church have left for Trinidad. The mission trip will last from July 12 to the 20th. Keep checking back for more updates and pictures of their time doing God's will in Trinidad!

Trinidad TPA

Hello prayer team from Trinidad.  We arrived safely at the Port of Spain Airport and were greeted by about a dozen of our church partners – it was near midnight and then a van ride to the hotel which is more than adequate and a Christian operated facility with a connected assisted living home.  We were fed a light meal by the Without Walls team and have a 10:00 AM meeting this morning.

It was a little frightening for some, driving on the left hand side of the road but we are all managing to adapt.  The security guard was asleep last night so it took a few minutes for us to wake him and get all the bags unloaded and the rooms assigned.  Flexible attitude and readily adaptable is an important key to serving anywhere and here as well – once again we were so touched by the church partner team meeting us so late at the airport – and some of them are here again.

Below is a short video from the Tampa departure.  Will try to get more as time permits. From all of the team, loving you for being part of this mission and our team.

Trinidad TPA video

Meeting with Church Partners


Saturday, July 13 Update

Today is Saturday July 13, 2013. We started our day at 10:00 AM because of the late night last night. We had a team meeting at the hotel and then went into San Fernando to meet with our church partners. We gave our testimonies to each other and got to know a little about one another. The churches are prepared and eager to reach their communities and the 12 team members have divided up among these churches and willattend their worship services, eat lunch with them and then go into their communities to tell them about the eternal life through Jesus they can have. It's not through us but there are some concerns by many of our team members regarding what they will say when they visit the homes in the community. We have trained and God is in charge but we would appreciate your prayers for us and the churches and communities.

Gene for Mission Team Trinidad


Meeting with Church Partners

Donna with Gail from the Kingdom Life Ministries whose pastor is Greg Bryan


Saturday Morning Training

This was Saturday morning as we met and trained with our church partners.  They are eager to reach out to their neighborhoods as they have been doing for many years.  We are here to encourage them in the work they are doing for the Lord and will learn much from their commitment to telling others about Jesus.  In our weakness Jesus is strong.

Saturday Morning Training Movie

Sunday, July 14 Update   

From the tallest hill in the area, we look over Trinidad near San Fernando.  Please pray for this area and that they will receive God's gift of eternal life in Him.  Today we go with our local church partners into their communities to give our testimonies and tell them how they can know for sure that they can have eternal life through the blood of Jesus.  Thank you for praying.  Gene for Team Trinidad (that includes you)

Trinidad Movie


Sunday Service at all the church partner churches were wonderful and everyone brought back great experiences to celebrate at lunch. After
our service, Terry Odom and I went with Reverend Patricia and a few others to visit a place called "the line". It's a group of shacks and
homes built on an old railroad right of way in the city of Marabella. We will be visiting families in this area this week.

Sister Narda – delivered the message Streams of Power in Penal West Indies
(John and Threse are working with this church)
Pastor Oneil, wife Jenny and family with John

Monday, July 15 Update

Good Morning Prayer Team!  Thanks for praying for us today – remember you have power as sons and daughters of God – pray for Trinidad and the new brothers and sisters that will be born to the Kingdom today!

My teammate Terry on her first international mission trip had a great day. She was surrounded by children and the Kingdom of Heaven was increased by 5. We talked to about 90 people today of which 40 were children. Working with the local church to start a children's ministry in the area of Marabella known as "the train line". It's been a full day and I am sorry I don't have any photos yet from the rest of the team but from the reports we heard a dinner (and from Threse and John), allthe teams were successful. Keep praying!

Witnessing to the children
The evening Trinidad sky - the sun sets early (and rises early) here
Tuesday, July 16 Update

The photo [to the right] is of one of the teams at the end of the day Tuesday, ready to be picked up and transported back to the home church for dinner and to tell the rest of our group about their day. Some areas seem hardened and dark while some areas seem warm and have hope but there are people coming to faith in Christ by the 100's - one team reports 3, another 20 and others even more each day. There are precious children everywhere with smiling faces and beautiful inquiring eyes that show little evidence of the hopelessness that seems to be in some of the communities. Hopelessness because of poverty yes, but even more because of spiritual poverty. Yet, as we mention earlier 100's have accepted Jesus. There will be much need for the local churches to disciple and follow up on them with second visits. We are recording every name and address and if they have one a phone number to give to the pastors and local churches to follow up soon after we leave. One pastor told me; "they are only steps away from our church but so many just don't come" Yet, we saw 6 teenagers, sometimes 15 or 20 younger children gathered on the playground or under a shade tree that were eager to talk to us about Jesus when we walked into where they lived. "I think we need to have something during the week here at the playground for the children maybe more would come to this place" ; said one pastor. One of our team members called a young man that she had met the day before by his name; "hello Kevon". Kevon's face lit up like a light bulb and another young man said; "I like that you called him by his name, it shows that you are interested in us and not in just preaching, you cared enough to remember his name". Our pastor knew many of their names but they still did not come to church but when we reached out in front of their homes there was no hesitation to talk about their needs and their joys. I am sure we would find it the same in our own communities. Church is not a comfortable place to come when you are an outsider, you don't have nice clothes to wear or you are not familiar with the routine. I wonder what would happen if we went into our own communities in St. Petersburg - I think we would find those eager to hear about Jesus, just like here. There are parents and precious children with warm smiles and wanting eyes there too. Please pray about what we should do at home.

Wednesday, July 16 Update

Wednesday was an amazing day in the field.  Many came to Christ.  Hindus including a Pundit High Priest and some Muslims.  It was a rainy day and most everyone got wet but there was Sonshine in new believers hearts and ours.  Each area is different and it is so great how God has put the right teams in the exact places they can be used to bring individuals and families to Christ.  Everyone is just too tired today to give you any quotes except to say; “Thanks for praying prayer partners”!
Brother Dexter from Without Walls Church kept us well fed – including a dish of iguana Morning meetings each day at breakfast – we have praise and worship service and are encouraged to see all that the Lord will do this day Pastor Anthony’s office makes a good place to have smaller meetings
Thomas Smith caught a painful throat infection and we took him to Pastor Anthony's doctor that he had been going to since he was 14 - the doctor prescribed some antibiotics and a long discussion praising God. He took Thomas before any of the patients that were setting in the room and would have talked about how he loved God as long as we would have stayed but we had to get back to the mission field. Dr. Peter Hosien was truly a good medicine man. Thomas is feeling better  

Thursday, July 16 Update

Today is our final day in the field.  We will return to many of those who have made professions of faith, modeling discipleship for our partner churches and ourselves.  We will have a worship and praise service at the end of the day in the communities we have been serving.  Please pray that today God will bring a great harvest and encourage those who have turned to Him.  Also, pray for our team, for their safety, for healing from sore throats, skinned knees and tired bodies.  These have been long but fruitful and spirit-filled days – we are thankful that God has shown us how reaching out into where people live is how we best can be His church and share the blessings He has given us with others and see them become “us” the children of God.

Thursday is the day when each partner church has a new believer day when those that made professions of faith join in a worship service.  After a week of in home visits where people give their hearts to Jesus it is a little disappointing how few come to the service until you realize that it was because we the church were “out of the church building” and into the neighborhoods that God used us to bring people to Himself.  We tell people they must have a relationship with Jesus but then we invite them to a building….  Where was Jesus when we see changed lives in the Bible – at the well, by a sycamore tree, in someone’s house?  We may be on to something.  It’s been a great trip.  No one will ever forget the experiences; us our church partners and many of those that gave their hearts to Jesus for the first time.  God can use even a group of lightly experienced but willing and now tired believers to change things.  Someones just like us.


I’m sure there will be other postings – ask your favorite short-term missionary for photos and experiences.   Thanks for your prayers and support.  Trinidad Mission Team 2013


This is from Terry and Gene's church partner site - our area was one called "the Line" several adults professed their faith and rededicated their lives but the children turned out dressed in their "Sunday best"This is the start of a new children's ministry by International Gospel Centre in Marabella - please pray for children and their parents who live on "The Line" an old railroad right of way that is on the beach.

Terry and Gene at International Gospel Center Marbella Trinidad


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