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As we were walking out of Suncoast Rehabilitation center after visiting Threse’ mom, I greeted an elderly lady sitting in a wheel chair with an incredibly pleasant and friendly look on her face; “how are you today”.  To which she replied; “blessed and highly favored”. Her smile and those words lingered in my thoughts.  You and I may not think of being in a nursing home in a wheel chair as “blessed and highly favored” but it can be if that’s where you are and you realize that God has blessed and favored you.

God’s blessings upon his people do not mean that we won’t have to endure pain, suffering, and loss in this life. When Mary was greeted by the angel, she was called favored. The Lord chose Mary as a vessel to give birth to the promised Messiah. This great honor was not without struggle. Mary’s integrity was called into question and Joseph came close to divorcing her. God called her favored, and yet from a human perspective, it looked as if she had been unfaithful. Paul was used mightily by God. He was led by the Spirit to write Scripture. He was used to work miracles, take the gospel to foreign lands, plant churches, and raise up leaders. Yet he was forced to flee for his life; he was beaten; he was arrested, and ultimately executed. The blessing and favor that have been secured for us by Christ do not exempt us from trials. They keep us strong during testing. They keep our feet in the fight. They keep our eyes on Christ from whom all blessings flow. If you have ever uttered the words ‘blessed and highly favored’ about yourself as a child of God, do not stop. Just remember that the statement is not a reality because you say it. Say it because in Christ, it is your reality.

From Gene & your Evangemissions Team.

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Food Distribution Ministry

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Help 'Stick it to Hunger' Today!

Thank you for joining us in the fight against hunger! Due to the generosity of corporate, organization and individual donors we currently provide over 6,000 pounds of food and household items to those in need from Pinellas County each month. We are a non-profit and help families and seniors. 100% of your donations of food, goods and financial gifts go to those we serve.

We need to increase the amount of food we recieve from food drives that are conducted by individuals, organizations, and corporations...people like you!

The economy is recovering but available jobs are not keeping up with those needing them. More people than ever are relying on our services! Your friends, family and neighbors need your support to survive these challenging times.

Use this manual to help organize and promote your food drive. Our intent for this manual is to make hosting a food drive easy and fun! If you need additional information, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to assist you.

  • Download the Stick it to Hunger Manual here! It will tell you what you need to know to hold your own food drive!
  • Download the Ask Me Badges here! Print them out and wear them; then, when people ask give them the shopping card.
  • Download the Shopping Card here! Print these out and give them to peole who ask, so that they can see what foods need to be donated and how they can help!
  • Download the Food Box Flyer here! This is a full size sheet you can print off and put it on a box for folks to put donations in.  It can also be used to post on at work bulletin boards etc.
  • Download the Grocery Bag Sticker here! This a full size sheet you can print off and put on a box to show a visual photo of what is to be dropped in the donation box. 

Thank you for your support!

Mission Conference

You can learn more about the variety of missionaries we support in the video below!

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