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Everywhere you hear sleigh-bell songs and see Santa with a long line of children waiting to give him their Christmas lists. Toys R’nt US may not be open but you still see latest ’must-have’ toys advertised. 2000 years later there is still no room for Jesus among millions who have forgotten why they celebrate.

What would you say is the real meaning of Christmas? Peace, love, good news for all people, God with us, God saving us, equality, humility, giving generously, hospitality, acceptance, courage, caring for the homeless...? If we want to make Christmas spiritually significant, we must understand the spiritual significance it has for us. Discover the aspects of Christmas you are most passionate about, and then find ways to share your passion with others – in a loving and Christian way.

The Bible could simply say that Jesus was born in Bethlehem, but there are political upheavals; a young, homeless, pregnant mother gives birth in a stable; angels sing to shepherds and stars guide wise men across distant deserts. This has been choreographed by God himself. The action unfolds with Bethlehem center stage in the Universe, and a story is created to be retold and re-enacted. It is carefully balanced. Poor shepherds visit the baby as well as rich men. There are plots and subplots and an evil villain of a king. Danger lurks around dark corners, but the Light of the World cannot be extinguished, tiny and vulnerable though He is.

The story has been told to inspire a sense of wonder and mystery. It captures our imagination. Take time to immerse yourselves in the story. Ask each other, ‘which part of the story do you like the best? Which part is the most important to you? Where do you see yourself in the story?’ And then ask yourself which aspect you most want to celebrate with your family and friends this year?

The best antidote to all the commercialism is to keep the real story alive in your own mind. Talk about what you are going to give other people, rather than what you want to get. Keep plans and decorations simple and focus on the needs of the people around you who are struggling. Find ways to share what you have and involve others in the projects. See, feel, smell, hear and taste what the real story is all about. Maybe you can share a sense of wonder about God’s amazing love that would give his only son to be born as a fragile human being, just for you.

Ask the Holy Spirit to inspire your season; to help you put Jesus at the very center of everything you do; and to give you God’s perspective on all your plans. Then you will have a deeper understanding of the spiritual significance of this amazing event, and live in a deeper understanding of God’s love.

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Food Distribution Ministry

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Help 'Stick it to Hunger' Today!

Thank you for joining us in the fight against hunger! Due to the generosity of corporate, organization and individual donors we currently provide over 6,000 pounds of food and household items to those in need from Pinellas County each month. We are a non-profit and help families and seniors. 100% of your donations of food, goods and financial gifts go to those we serve.

We need to increase the amount of food we recieve from food drives that are conducted by individuals, organizations, and corporations...people like you!

The economy is recovering but available jobs are not keeping up with those needing them. More people than ever are relying on our services! Your friends, family and neighbors need your support to survive these challenging times.

Use this manual to help organize and promote your food drive. Our intent for this manual is to make hosting a food drive easy and fun! If you need additional information, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to assist you.

  • Download the Stick it to Hunger Manual here! It will tell you what you need to know to hold your own food drive!
  • Download the Ask Me Badges here! Print them out and wear them; then, when people ask give them the shopping card.
  • Download the Shopping Card here! Print these out and give them to peole who ask, so that they can see what foods need to be donated and how they can help!
  • Download the Food Box Flyer here! This is a full size sheet you can print off and put it on a box for folks to put donations in.  It can also be used to post on at work bulletin boards etc.
  • Download the Grocery Bag Sticker here! This a full size sheet you can print off and put on a box to show a visual photo of what is to be dropped in the donation box. 

Thank you for your support!

Mission Conference

You can learn more about the variety of missionaries we support in the video below!

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