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Elaine CahillMrs. Elaine Cahill

For babies...


Young children are offered a loving environment at Pasadena Presbyterian's nursery in room #5. Nursery for Kindergarten-age and younger children and babies is available at both worship services and other times. Elaine Cahill leads the experienced team, who have had background screening and training in CPR.  The goal is to ensure a caring, safe experience for your children so that they may experience God's love.

Sunday School

When it is time for Sunday School, Elaine teaches the children 2 1/2 years and younger with Felicia Ragland as assistant coordinator.

Preschool Sunday School class for 2 1/2 to 5-year-olds meets in Room #3 with Terry Odom, a seasoned teacher, both in the public schools, Sunday School and at Pasadena's Sonshine Preschool. She loves being with children and isn't afraid to get on the floor to be with them.

The children with Mrs. Cahill
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