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Life GroupsLife Groups are smaller gatherings of people for worship in song, study, and prayer, and a time of fellowship. This time builds up the current body of Christ's church and helps people grow more inwardly so that the members are better prepared to live the life Christ has for them. These groups provide an easy entry into Pasadena Presbyterian Church life for newcomers, and a way for those already in the fellowship to bond more closely with others in the church.

The weekly meetings are centered around the study of a Bible-based book. Since beginning in May 2008, the studies have included books by Warren Wiersbe (studies of the Bible books of Esther, Ruth, and Philippians) and Bruce Wilkinson's The Secrets of the Vine. The next study will use the book Fearless, by Max Lucado. On that day, the kick-off will begin with a potluck dinner at 6 p.m. at the church and participants will be able to pick up their books.

While most of the groups have met in member's homes, others have met at the church. Also, the time has been variable, according to the group members' wishes, both in the day of the week and whether the meeting is held in the afternoon or evening.

Good food comes at the end of the time together as the groups break to enjoy each others' company. Members of the group take turns bringing in a snack to nibble while they talk. At the beginning and end of the study of a book, all the groups have gathered for a pot-luck dinner, study and meeting those in other groups.

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