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August 2010

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Trinidad Mission Trip

On July 19, 2010 our church sent a team of 17 of our men, women, youth and children to work in collaboration with Pastor Anthony Oliver’s Without Walls, Evangelical Outreach Church there to spread the gospel, encourage the local church and practice our faith.  In Trinidad we stayed in the home of Pat and Victor Griffith, Christian friends of Anthony Oliver and at Without Walls Evangelical Outreach found a congregation based in an upstairs office space that was repeatedly converted from a sanctuary into a fellowship hall, into an outreach center and into whatever facility format was needed to get the particular job at hand completed. 

Trinidad and Tobago are islands off the coast of Venezuela in the Caribbean Sea.  Trinidad is larger and more industrialized and Tobago is more scenic and touristy.  The population of about two million is made up of people of African, East Indian, Chinese, Syrian, Lebanese, Portuguese, British and French descent. The two islands make a great place for a short term mission trip because there is a large population of poor, searching for answers people that are friendly, even to Americans.  Trinidadians also speak English – well, sort of.  We North Americans have a little trouble with this version of the Queen’s English but it is possible to communicate without a translator by asking them to repeat a few times each conversation (their accent is similar but more pronounced than Anthony and Judy Oliver’s).  They seem to understand us better than we do them but it’s a manageable situation.  There are advantages of working with a translator in other countries too but speaking the language makes for understanding subtleties in communication and thought that only one on one conversation offers.  It also makes Without Walls Evangelical Outreach mission outreach plan included outreach refreshments for team and the target community, salvation bracelets, tracks and Evangecube as well as the free blood pressure screening, good health tips and the USA “bait” to bring the different communities  into range where the team could witness and preach the gospel to them.  The routine was similar; set up the tents, chairs, tables and music equipment in some cases then go out in teams to invite people to the services by using the Evangecube, salvation bracelets an invitation to health screenings.  Even when the crowds were small we were close enough for Pastor Anthony’s message to reach through the windows of their simple non-air conditioned homes and often we saw them walking to the tents in small groups once the preaching has started.  It was surprising how many made repentance decisions or dedicated their young children.  In Tobago after a 3-hour ferry ride, the outreached changed just a little when we partnered with a local church there.  The Open Bible Standard Church was receptive to our outreach and joined us in an outreach nearby the church in the community center. Later that evening we found a church that could cook some pretty fantastic island food that would make anyone from PPC feel at home. They invited Pastor Anthony to preach on Sunday morning and we showed up in our wrinkled casual clothes to a congregation dressed in their “Sunday best”  We preceded a revival meeting starting that very evening and the parishioners proved to be an enthusiastic audience.  The church was full and there were youth and children galore. 

In another type of outreach while still in Trinidad our mission included outreach to an orphanage and a crisis center.  We found the children at the orphanage in less than ideal conditions.  Our presentation to the children and the gifts were well received and 4 children prayed to receive Jesus.  At the crisis center the children seemed restless but soon settled down and became interested in our skits and teaching.  We provided them a light lunch and visited with them while they waited for their parents to pick them up.  Most of the children were there to receive a meal at the crisis center as many of the parents were not able to feed them every day.  Threse and I met with a young couple there who wanted to get into doing ministry themselves and we gave them some connections that were passed along to us.  If they really want to do ministry, it won’t be hard to find ways to put them to work as there is plenty to do in Trinidad.

Pastor Anthony and the Without Walls Trinidad team have continuing ministry in Trinidad.  For example; there is a need for 1,500 toys to go to Trinidad for Christmas.  These toys would be given to many of the same communities we have worked in on this trip and would brighten the world for many children who wouldn’t other wise have a Christmas.  If you are interested in going, contributing or being involved in the ministry to Trinidad please contact Pastor Anthony.  It’s a place you will love, learn and be used by God in ways you will never forget.  If you have considered going on an evangelical outreach mission trip, a trip to Trinidad could be for you.

It’s easy to think of missions in terms of the practical work and the assistance given to poor people but it’s the spiritual work of the gospel that is life changing to both the short-term missionary and ones hearing that God wants to be their father and that He has promised to take care of them that brings and instant change and lasting peace.  When the heart is opened to Jesus God keeps His promises through super-natural miracles, changes in thinking and fellow Christian brothers and sisters doing what God has given them to do to improve the physical as well as the spiritual condition.  We say we believe in God but when is the last time you saw a miracle?  Those who prepare and take mission trips rarely come home without seeing one or more and how good it is that those lives that were touched will be changed and change others forever.  As I told 12-year old Bruce at the orphanage; “things may seem impossible to you from what you know from your past but you will do great things with God’s help – people will look to you as a man of God and you can change things for the better.”  You can too, if you get going!

Gene & Threse Hammond  (Trip Co-Leaders with Pastor Anthony and Judy)

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Barbara Gonzalez's Trinidad and Tobago Mission Trip 2010

(editor’s note:  Barbara was not able to speak at the July 25 worship service; below is her article)

I experienced the power of God’s Spirit through our prayers and preparations for this trip-especially through the prayers of His people; all of you. The first people I prayed with was a pregnant young woman who lived with her 2 boys and her mother on a very steep hillside. To get there we had to walk up one side of a muddy and dangerously slippery slope. These people were squatters living in shacks with no plumbing or real source of electricity. They needed the Lord. I told them my testimony and asked them if they believed in Jesus. Both women told me that they had prayed the sinner’s prayer but they needed to get back to church and growing in Him again. We invited them to fellowship with us later that evening and to hear Pastor Anthony speak. Although the young woman was due any moment, they all came down for the service. One of the women’s husbands did not come down but because of the loud P.A. system, he heard the good news. He asked Jesus to come into his heart and was a changed man! He wanted to be baptized and give his life to God—Awesome!  On another day we were in another very poor area where we met a Jamaican man with his family. His name was Sean. There were a lot of younger teenagers hanging around his house. When we first spoke to them, everyone was watching Sean to see how he would react to us. Steve told him his  testimony and God touched his heart. When asked if he wanted to pray the salvation prayer, Sean said yes; everybody will pray! I showed them the Evangecube and sister Anna; one of our church partners from Trinidad prayed. As we were walking away, we asked them if they would like to come to fellowship and dedicate their children to the Lord. Sean said no. They did all come to the service that night to hear Pastor Anthony and they brought some other people as well…Upon hearing the message and feeling God’s love through His people, Sean dedicated his children to the Lord. They asked me to be their children’s God-mother. Both of these family’s came to our final night celebration as well. It was so difficult to say good-by to them all.   

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Session Digest


<next stated meeting is August 24 7pm>

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Financial Report: June 30, 2010

The Financials for June show actual income $39,299.43 with expenses of $31,621.45 leaving us $7,677.98 in the black.

Year to Date 2010
Actual Income   $195,518.09
Actual Expenses $196,620.18
Red $    1,102.09
Financial Notes
PPC Foundation 
Pasadena Foundation $ 26,340.31
Wahl Scholarship   $ 49,719.36

Cash Reserves             $112,071.25

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Pasadena Presbyterian Women


To nurture our faith through prayer and bible studyPresbyterian Women
To support the mission of the church worldwide
To work for justice and peace
To build an inclusive, caring community of women that strengthens the Presbyterian Church (USA) and witnesses to the promise of God’s Kingdom.

As stated in our last newsletter, we promised to list the current circles that we have and the times they meet.  Our circle bible study is from September thru May.  At present we have the following circles, times they meet and contact persons:

                       Esther Circle – Meets  2nd Tuesday at 10 a.m.                      Pat Edgington
                        Hannah Circle –Meets 1st Thursday at 7:30 p.m.                  Patti Strong
                        Rachel Circle – Meets 2nd Monday at 7 p.m.                        Ann Carney
                        Ruth Circle – Meets 2nd Tuesday at 1 p.m.                          Shirley Hartsfield

Presbyterian Women are looking forward to the new Bible study: “Journeys Through Revelation Apocalyptic Hope for Today” which will begin with our circle meetings in September.  Pastor Carl will meet with us each month after our council meetings (which are held the first Tuesday, September through May at 10:00 a.m.) to help those leaders of the bible study with each lesson. We do appreciate all that he has and will contribute with his study helps and look forward to the coming year.  The bible study helps with Carl, will begin @ 11:00 a.m. on these Tuesday mornings. As Robin Powell (Tampa Bay PW Moderator) told us at the Birthday Celebration it is not always necessary to do the Horizon Bible Study and a circle may choose to opt out of this study, if they feel led to do this.

Pw Help Shops will be held September 9th and 11th.  More details will be in the September newsletter and information will be posted on our bulletin board.  Keep these dates available and if anyone is able to go we will try and carpool.  Also, we are planning to have a Tea September 25th in the Fellowship Hall for information on Presbyterian Women.  All women of the church are invited as you are automatically a member of Presbyterian Women, whether you are active or not.  Please keep that date open and you will be personally invited by the committee chairing this event, or other PW active members.

Enjoy the month of August as our regular schedule of activities will begin September 7th.

In Christ’s Love,

Patricia Watts, Acting Moderator

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Library News

August has 31 days in it and, I think, someone has made a proclamation to celebrate something nationally on each day. If you look up a website that tells you "important" dates in August, you get items like National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, National Bratwurst Day, and National S'Mores Day. I think someone who hadn't had lunch yet asked for all these days to be proclaimed, while someone who was trying to take all the fun away put in "More Herbs, Less Salt Day."

Let's proclaim our own August days: How about "Listen to a CD from the Library Day"? Or "Find Out More About Ephesians Day."
Here are some of the new arrivals in the library you may proclaim a day for. Come check them out:

Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls
Faith Like Potatoes

Terminal 9 (and the other two books in the McAllister Files fiction series by Patricia Rushford)

Kindred Sisters New Testament Women Speak to Us Today

Breaking News: Opening sale day (Oct. 19) approaches for the long-awaited, latest book by Jan Karon: In the Company of Others: A Father Tim Novel. The product description says, "In this second novel, Father Tim and Cynthia arrive in the west of Ireland, intent on researching his Kavanagh ancestry from the comfort of a charming fishing lodge. The charm, however, is broken entirely when Cynthia startles a burglar and sprains her already-injured ankle. Then a cherished and valuable painting is stolen from the lodge owners, and Cynthia's pain pales in comparison to the wound at the center of this bitterly estranged Irish family. "

Laurie Smith

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Faith Community Nursing

I pray this finds everyone having enjoyed a wonderful time of rest and relaxation during summer vacation or “staycation” for those of us who chose not to travel, but rather just explore and participate in the activities available in this beautiful city.  No matter how you chose to re-energize this summer, I pray you are ready and excited about re-engaging in the life of the church!  I was recently reading in a Faith Community Nursing journal and came across an article written by the Rev. Dr. Deborah Patterson who is the Executive Director for the International FCN organization. She was talking about the harvest of summer crops in relation to Matthew 9:35-38 “Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness. When He saw the crowds, He had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. Then He said to His disciples, The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the LORD of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest field”. Jesus was asking for help from His followers in the context of a great need for healing of the people. It is a need that we continue to see today.

Did you know that in the United Stated greater than 70 million people will be over the age of 65 by 2030 and of those, 1 in five  who experience hospitalization will be readmitted within 30 days (New York Times, June 29, 2010)? Did you also know that with some of the changes coming from Healthcare reform Hospitals will not be reimbursed for readmissions within 30 days of discharge? Preventative education and Healthy Lifestyle Choices are more important today than ever before. I believe it is the call of the Church (remember ~ WE are the Church) to grow a harvest of compassionate care workers. Currently our Health and Wellness Ministry team consist of Carol Brandt, Barb Kearns, Jan Nahrwold, Zinet Kalis, and Judy Bloomfield for our monthly blood pressure screenings and Chris Wyess, Gail Stahley and Terry Odom comprise our visiting team. Each of these faithful servants is obedient to the call of compassionate outreach and each is blessed far beyond her service. I would encourage you to prayerfully consider if you too are being called to serve as a worker in HIS harvest field. I
pray we each can recognize and reflect the grace and compassion of our LORD Jesus Christ.

In HIS power and for HIS glory,
Debbie Rivard, RN 

Debbie Rivard, RN, FCN

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Antioch Youth News

Well summer is almost over. The youth are excited about the upcoming trip To NIGHT OF JOY  & ROCK THE UNIVERSE. We will be planning our fundraiser dinner/cake auction to help fund our trip. Please join  us and see our youth in action.

We invite any students in Middle School or High School to come join us.
We look forward to the future here at Pasadena and to see how God changes and transforms our Youth lives.
God Loves You and so Do I,
Rob Taylor
Volunteer Co -Youth Leader

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 School Starts back August 23, 2010

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Women in the World

A Wednesday Night Ladies Bible Study and Outreach

We live in a world turned upside down, and it is scripture that turns it right side up.   Join   us on Wednesday nights this fall for our exciting new study and emphasis on Outreach ministries.  “Here and Now, Then and There”  is a Lecture Series on Revelation by Beth Moore.  

Look for  details and updates on our Fall schedule next month.

In Christ,

Women’s Ministry Team

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Results of 7/25 Congregational Meeting

Elder’s Elect

— Class 2012: Tom Smith
— Class 2013: Andy White, Ruth Hansel, Sandy Moore

Installation will be held in September

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Join Us at Sunday School

NURSERY  (under 2 1/2 yrs only)
—Elaine Cahill, Coordinator

—Felicia Ragland, Asst. Coordinator

            Room #5


Pre-School (2½ to 5 yrs):
“Bible Stories”

—Teacher: Nancy Nottoli

            Room #3

Elementary (K-5th grade):
—Teacher: Terry Odom

Upstairs Classrooms

Creative Friendzy

-Teachers: Patty Burrows

                   Debbie Saathoff

 Room: 204 

Middle School (6th-8th):

—Teacher: Jason & Christine Cook

             Room #206

High School (9th-12th):
“Hot Topics”

—Teacher: Barbara Gonzalez

             Room #208

“RC Sproul”
Defending Your Faith DVD Series

—Teacher:  Dave Pilkington

Room:  Chapel

June 6th through August 22rd

(Rooms beginning with “2” are on the second floor of the Educational Bldg)

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Sunday Worship Attendance

  8:30 a.m. 11:00 a.m Total
July 4 Combined Service   105
July 11 59 58 117
July 18 65 41 106
July 25 Combined Service   106

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What's New At PPCNews

Monday Moringing Hobby and Craft Group

The last day to submit recipes for the Pasadena Presbyterian Family Heritage Cookbook will be the

Sunday before Labor Day, September 5th!

Thank you for giving us your treasured family recipes to share with your church family.

Remember to bring your clean plastic grocery bags for us to recycle into tote bags which we sell to the community.  Place them in the yellow plastic tub outside of the restrooms in the main hallway. 

God bless you all for your help.

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