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March 2018

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From Me to You:

“You sent a gift more than once for my needs; not that I seek the gift itself, but I seek for the profit which increases to your account.”
(Philippians 4:16-17)

Faith Promise: that is what we call our financial support for our PPC missionary partners.  Some years ago PPC was led by the Lord to move our funding of missionaries out of the operating budget to an “over-and-above” on-going offering.  Pledges for missionary support are received each year during our MISSIONS SUNDAY.  We hope to have several of our missionary partners join us on this year’s MISSIONS SUNDAY, March 18, for our worship service at 10 a.m. and lunch afterwards for all in Fellowship Hall.  This year, Rev. Karen Dunham of Living Bread Church International (Israel & West Bank) will be our key-note speaker.  Our own missionary-in-residence, Pastor Anthony Oliver (Without Walls Church, Trinidad), will share during lunch.  

Back to Faith Promise:  The design and desire of Faith Promise is to exercise and grow the faith of the giver to seek and trust the Lord for His provision and the faithful use of all His gifts.  It is giving, not because we have it to give, but because God wants us to partner with Him as good stewards of all His gifts to fulfill His will.  As we know: “where God guides, God provides.”

Really, the pattern and practice of Faith Promise is no different from any other way we give, including our offerings and tithes to the operating budget of the church: it is all about, from and because of our faith in Jesus!  As the Holy Spirit through Hebrews tells us:

“without faith it is impossible to please God, for those who come to God must believe that He is, and that He rewards those who seek him” (Hebrews 11:6).

The “reward” God gives for our faith-filled giving is incredible

· first and always, we seek and so see more of Jesus—He is always our “reward!”
· our missionary partners are blessed by our partnership of prayers and provision!
· others around the world in places we will never know or go are brought to faith in Jesus—they become our “nieces and nephews”—our “inheritance” in heaven too!
God is glorified as the Name of Jesus is proclaimed throughout the world!

Look for the mail-out coming shortly containing your 2018-19 Faith Promise pledge card.  Please prayerfully consider what the Lord wants to do with and through you, as you partner in His Great Co-mission!

In Christ,


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Session Digest

Session has called a CONGREGATIONAL MEETING for Sunday March 11 following worship. The purpose of the meeting is to elect two covenant partners at-large to the 2018-2019 Congregational Nominating Committee.  The NomCom will bring nominees for elder and deacon to a meeting for election later in this year.  All covenant partners are urged to attend .

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Financial Report

January 2018    Financial  ReportFinancial Notes

Account Name
General Fund Checking   $  18,208.15
Designated Fund Checking   (includes BIA) $ 55.314.75
PRESCHOOL  Checking   $  37,292.83
PRESCHOOL MM   $  20,821.72


OPERATING BALANCE (+ or -)   - $     8,130.45

Deacon’s Fund                                                    $      1,727.81

*Amounts are from QuickBooks reports reconciled to bank statements

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Stewardship Ministry

The Lord has given us many good things at Pasadena Presbyterian Church.  I’d like to encourage you to help us show our gratitude by taking care of some of the physical things He gives us at a workday we’re planning for Sat. Mar. 3 from 8:30 A. M. to 11 A. M. We’ll be doing projects such as power washing our sidewalks and cleaning our kitchen. Please feel free to come by, even if only briefly, and even if you aren’t sure what you can do. Thank you, everyone,  for all that you do so we all have a wonderful place to worship in!  

Thomas Smith IV
Stewardship Ministry Chair     

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The Deacon's Developements

*The Deacons serve Christ by serving others for His glory and purpose*

“For from Him and through Him and for Him are all things. To Him be
the glory forever! Amen” Romans 11:36


God loves you and so do we!!
Barbara Gonzalez
Larry Hendry
Julie Gull
Michelle Loy
Threse Hammond
Terry Odom

Please remember The Dollars for Deacons Offering Envelopes in the Sanctuary

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Praise Kids and Youth Group

The Praise Kids and youth/young adult programs are every Sunday, 3 to 5 P.M. There are snacks and then the age groups are separated and each class is taught an age-appropriate Bible lesson.

The elementary class plays active games and makes crafts as well, while the middle/high school class does a relevant study and often does fun things like going out to eat, movies, Winter Jam (the Christian concert), etc. The preschool class has a Bible lesson for little ones and lots of time to play in the nursery, especially games which help bring the lesson to them in many ways.

Check out facebook at or email

Laurie Smith

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Sunday School

Breakfast With Jesus Teacher: Larry Oline

8:30am in Fellowship Hall

(Bible Study)

Come have breakfast with us at 8:30am and stay to study God’s Word at 8:45am. Class ends at 9:45am to give you plenty of time to get to the sanctuary for Worship at 10:00am.

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Sonrise ECLC

At Sonrise ECLC the children are busy learning about the life of Jesus and His love for them.   What an important message that is for all of us!   This has been a big year for the preschool with a lot of growth and change.  We are starting a summer camp for preschool age children for seven weeks during the months of June and July.  Feel free to give us a call if you are interested in summer camp at Sonrise!  727-344-1584.  This is also our year of accreditation.  The accreditation is an intense process of evaluation for our program and we are all busy preparing for it.  The accreditation team visits for three days.  It is both challenging and exciting at the same time.
The children are getting ready for our Spring Family Fundraiser by learning songs to sing to the families that join us.  We will be having an auction and raffle on April 19th.  We are raising money to renovate our playground.  Raffle tickets will be available for church families to purchase ahead of time but you are also invited to our event.  You can help support the preschool ministry by donating items for us to raffle off, attending our Spring Family night or by purchasing raffle tickets ahead of time.  The children are very excited to sing to the families of the preschool and church!
Shirley McLeod, Director

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MISSION SUNDAY is March 18th.  This is the Sunday we celebrate our missionaries and take your Faith Promise Commitments for the rest of the year.  Faith Promise supports and partners with missionaries who share the Gospel with people of many flags.  I hope you will think of them and pray for them each time you see our new flag on our freshly reconditioned flagpole. 

I hope you will also be reminded that we are all missionaries and are to be serving God and sharing the Gospel right here at home.  Sharing the Gospel starts with building relationships with those we want to know about the love we have found in Jesus.  This year we are going to be concentrating on bringing more people to our campus and all of you can help us make them feel at home when they come.  Be sure to look for opportunities with our preschool parents and grandparents when we have combined events with them and the preschool.  We also hope to have an inviting place for college students, including international students from St. Pete College.  The Food Distribution already brings hundreds of families to us. We are also looking for ways to bring our neighbors onto our campus but it will be all for nothing if we don’t have you to be there to share your kindness and hospitality with them.  You will have to look closely for opportunities because they probably won’t be at our regular worship service but whoever said worship is only 4 hours a month on Sunday morning at 10:00 AM?

I hope you are ready to show your best Pasadena Hospitality because that’s what we are called to do as evangelist, missionaries and just plain old Christians!  During His public ministry, Jesus and His disciples depended entirely on the hospitality of others as they ministered from town to town (Matthew 10:9-10). Likewise, the early Christians also depended on and received hospitality from others (Acts 2:44-4528:7). In fact, travelers in ancient times depended heavily on the hospitality of strangers as traveling could be dangerous and there were very few inns, and poor Christians could not afford to stay at them, anyway. This generous provision to strangers also included opening one’s home for church services. Hospitality was indeed a highly regarded virtue in ancient times, especially for Christian leaders (Titus 1:81 Timothy 3:2).

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Library News


Evangelist Billy Graham, as you probably know, went to be with the Lord February 21st. Estimates are that he preached to 215 million people in more than 185 countries and territories in the 60 years of his ministry.

He also authored 30 books. Many are in our library. Many other books were written about him in his 99 years here on earth and some of these are also in the library. There are too many titles to list in this article, so we will mention just list a few.

Biographical: Billy Graham: Personal Thoughts of a Public Man; Billy Graham, The Authorized Biography; Just As I Am: The Worldwide Impact of Billy Graham.

Biography for Junior Age: Billy Graham.

Written by Billy Graham: The Secret of Happiness (226.9); The Holy Spirit: Answering God’s Power in Your Life (234); How to Be Born Again (234); Angels: God’s Secret Agents (235.24): Facing Death and the Afterlife (236.1); Peace With God (248.4); Nearing Home: Life, Faith and Finishing Well (248.85).

Laurie Smith, librarian

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Women of The Church


Communion at the Springs–Monday, March 5th at 9:45am.

WOC Committee Meeting-Tuesday, March 6th @ 10:00am in the Boswell.

Rachel Circle Meeting–Monday, March 12th @ 7:00pm at the home of Pat Watts.  

Sarah Circle – Tuesday, March 13th @ 12:00 noon at the home of Aristeia Sowa.

We have one day circle (that meets either at 12 noon or 1:00 p.m.) and one evening circle (that meets either at 6:30 or 7:00 p.m.). This is not like a club – all women of Pasadena Presbyterian Church are invited to come to either of the circle meetings. They are open to all women. We have bible study, fellowship and light refreshments. We do have a budget for each calendar year and your offerings help us to contribute to the missions that we support, local and foreign. If you want more details regarding Women of the Church, please contact Pat Watts (727-302-0888) for further information.




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VBS Planning

PLEASE, Contact Terry Odom if interested

VBS 2018, JUNE 4 - 8 Registration Dates:

Early Registration begins:

Sunday, April 29 for PPC Church Members

Monday, 4/30 and Tuesday, 5/1, 9:00 AM for Preschool Families (A table will be set up in hallway for registration on these dates)

Open Registration begins on May 2

Turn in completed applications to the church office.

Online registration


March 29, Maundy Thursday
7pm Communion Service

March 30, Good Friday
Quiet Reflection at Home

April 1, Resurrection Sunday
10:00 am Worship Service
Egg Hunt after Worship
(meet in the Fellowship Hall)

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Sunday Worship Attendance


Dec 03  80
 Dec 10    76    
Dec 17  60 
Dec 24  60
Dec 24  80
Dec 31  65   
Jan 07  70
Jan 14  72

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What's New At PPCNews

ECO: These are the foundations that propel us forward.

Our Mission

To build flourishing churches that make disciples of Jesus Christ.


Our Core Values

Jesus-shaped Identity:
We believe Jesus Christ must be at the center of our lives and making disciples of Jesus at the core of our ministry.

Biblical Integrity:
We believe the Bible is the unique and authoritative Word of God, which teaches all that is necessary for faith and life. The prominence of God’s Word over our lives shapes our priorities, and the unrivaled authority of the Bible directs our actions to be in concert with Christ’s very best for our lives. 

Thoughtful Theology:
We believe in theological education, constant learning, and the life of the mind, and celebrate this as one of the treasures of our Reformed heritage.

Accountable Community:
We believe guidance is a corporate spiritual experience. We want to connect leaders to one another in healthy relationships of accountability, synergy, and care.

Egalitarian Ministry:
We believe in unleashing the ministry gifts of women, men, and every ethnic group.

Missional Centrality:
We believe in living out the whole of the Great Commission – including evangelism, spiritual formation, compassion, and redemptive justice – in our communities and around the world.

Center-focused Spirituality:
We believe in calling people to the core of what it means to be followers of Jesus – what “mere Christianity” is and does – and not fixate on the boundaries.

Leadership Velocity:
We believe identifying and developing gospel-centered leaders is critical for the church, and a great leadership culture is risk-taking, innovative, and organic.

Kingdom Vitality:
We believe congregations should vigorously reproduce new missional communities to expand the Kingdom of God.

Thank you!

A great big ‘thank you’ to Nona Davis, for crocheting warm hats for our guests at food distribution.  Nona buys the yarn to make the hats, and could make many more if she had more yarn.  She would like to make hats now for next winter, so if you have any yarn, even small amounts of any color, you could give her, she would appreciate it.  You can give it to Mary Davis at Church. Thank you.

Campbells Boxtops

The Women of the Church are collecting the Boxtops for Education found on many products but not Campbells
Label. The Campbells company cites declining participation in the program and is ending it.
Meanwhile we have found a local school, Rawlings Elementary which will take the Boxtops for Education. So, please bring those pink rectangles in to help the school in the name of the church.

Emails to the Church

If you are attempting to contact us at PPC, please make sure you are using the correct email address for us  as  listed in the  weekly Flyer. If you send an email to us, but do not receive a reply, please call the OFFICE.
If you are not receiving emails from us, please make sure we have YOUR current email address.


We try to stay on top of prayer requests and concerns.  If you know of someone who is ill in our church family, please let the office know.  Even if the office is closed you can still leave a voice mail.  If you have a pastoral emergency, you can always leave a voice mail at the Manse at 727-368-5588.
In the event that Pastor Carl is on vacation, we always record the substitute’s name and telephone number on our outgoing voice mail message. Thank you for your help.

Facility Use Notice

PPC facilities are not ordinarily open in the evening for meetings or groups on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and all-day on Saturdays.  If your meeting or group is  affected by this new policy, you need to contact the church office to reschedule your use of the facilities to Tuesday or Thursday eveningsuntil 8:30pm.  If your group can’t change to meet on the nights when PPC is now open, you will need to   contact Pastor Carl to get keys and codes —you will be responsible for locking up and setting the alarm—or find another location off site.  

Please Help Keep God's Facilities Nice!




Dollars for Deacons Fund

Please Remember The Dollars For  Deacons Offering Envelopes in the Sanctuary.

Change of Address

If your address or phone number has changed, please let the office know.  This includes  your cell phone number and email address. Many times we are not informed of your new contact information and either we in the office are trying to get in touch with you or one of the elders or deacons have information to bring to you and cannot contact you due to the wrong information.  Please drop your new contact information on a slip of paper and place it in the offering plate or just call the office with an update. 

Thank you, The Church Office

Collect Aluminum Cans

Please bring in your  aluminum soda cans (rinsed) and put them in the blue recycling bin,   opposite the church kitchen door, as you come in to the Fellowship Hall. These cans will be sold to a salvage business and the money will go toward our youth ministries.  Thank you!

Format for Submitting Information To Be Printed

  • Submit information 2 weeks prior to date needed print ready.
  • Send information as an Electronic File MS Word Format.
  • Newsletter articles are always due by the 15th of the month.
  • Newsletter articles should be in Ariel and font no larger than 10.
  • Newsletter articles should be titled with ministry, month and year ie, “Library February 2017”.

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